jeudi 8 septembre 2016

Le palais oublié Yu Jing.

Parmi les nouveautés Customeeple pour Infinity, vous trouverez le palais oublié Yu Jing qui est énorme !
Among the new Customeeple references for Infinity, you will find the Yu Jing forgotten palace which is huge !

- Bases Haqqislam:
- Bases Panoceania MK II:
- Bases Yu jing MK II:
- Bases Nomads MK II:
- Pack Panoceania large buildings:
- Walls: Forbidden Palace:
- Gate: Forbidden Palace:
- Small Walls: Forbidden Palace:
- Clauwsewitz:
- PatroclusUlhans:
- Ninja (Redveil exclusive Edition):
- Tuareg Sniper:
- Operation Red Veil Deluxe Pack:
- Infinity Key-ring:

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