mardi 8 novembre 2016

Chevalier d'Halloween

Parmi les sorties Reaper, vous trouverez une figurine d'Halloween, le chevalier du même nom qui est d'ailleurs mis en valeur par une belle peinture.
Among the Reaper releases, you will find a Halloween miniature, the knight of the same name which is also highlighted by a beautiful painting.

Reaper Special Edition Miniatures - Limited Time Only
01442: Troll Slayer Sophie by Bobby Jackson ($7.29)
01449: Halloween Knight by Bobby Jackson ($9.99) ]
01584: ReaperCon 2016 Sophie by Bob Ridolfi ($15.99)
01586: Reaper 2016-17 Convention Mousling: The Grim Squeaker by Gene Van Horne ($9.99)

Dark Heaven Legends Fantasy Metal Miniatures
03779: Spirit of Winter by Julie Guthrie ($6.29)
03780: Spirit of Spring by Julie Guthrie ($6.29)
03784: D\'Vandra Lukesia by Bobby Jackson ($7.99)
03785: Jakob Knochengard by Bobby Jackson ($7.99)
03786: Andowyn Thrushmoor by Bobby Jackson ($7.99)
03787: The Crimson Herald by Bobby Jackson ($9.99)

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