jeudi 2 mars 2017

Isba et FT-17

Pendraken sort des isbas en 10mm ainsi que de nouveaux FT-17 avec plusieurs options de tourelles et d'armement.
Pendraken releases some 10mm isbas as well as new FT-17 with several options of turrets and armament.
French - World-War-I-French
F36  FT-17, hexagonal turret, 37mm    £2.80
F37  FT-17, hexagonal turret, MG    £2.80
F38  FT-17, round turret, 37mm    £2.80
F39  FT-17, round turret, MG    £2.80
F40  FT-17 Command tank    £2.80
Eastern Front - Scenery-Items Eastern-Front
SCN-EF01  Russian house, type 1 (Size: 65x50mm)    £4.00
SCN-EF02  Russian house, type 2 (Size: 70x50mm)    £4.00
SCN-EF03  Russian house with lean-to (Size: 85x50mm)    £4.50
SCN-EF04  Russian house, L-shaped (Size: 75x60mm)    £4.50
SCN-EF05  Russian barn (Size: 85x55mm)    £4.50

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