mardi 4 septembre 2018

Cavalerie ACW

Les frères Perry sortent une jolie collection de cavaliers de la guerre civile Américaine en 28mm pour les deux camps.
The Perry brothers released a pretty collection of 28mm American Civil War riders for both sides.
  • ACW 112 Dismounted Confederate cavalry command in shirts
  • ACW 113 Dismounted Confederate cavalry in shirts skirmishing with various weapons
  • ACW 114 Confederate horse holder in shirt and three horses
  • ACW 115 Plastic Union Infantry (already out)
  • ACW 116 Confederate cavalry galloping with pistols in civilian clothing
  • ACW 117 Confederate cavalry galloping with muskets and rifles in civilian clothing
  • ACW 118 Dismounted Confederate cavalry in civilian clothing skirmishing with various weapons
  • ACW 119 Confederate horse holder in civilian clothing with three horses
  • ACW 120 Plastic Union Infantry Skirmishing (already out)
  • ACW 121 Dismounted Union cavalry command
  • ACW 122 Dismounted Union cavalry command in sack coats
  • ACW 123 Dismounted Union cavalry skirmishing with carbines
  • ACW 124 Union horse holder in sack coat with three horses
  • ACW 125 Dismounted Confederate cavalry command

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