samedi 22 juin 2019

Sorties GHQ pour l'année à venir

Récemment, GHQ à dévoilé les sorties pour l'année à venir. Le choix est vaste et les projets nombreux.
Recently, GHQ unveiled the releases for the coming year. The choice is vast and the projects numerous.

Modern Armour
  • Lebanon- M113 with ZU-23-2
  • Pakistan- Al-Zarrar MBT
  • China- Type 59 MBT
  • China Z-10 attack helicopter
  • Canada- Texrtron TAPV
  • Canada/Australia- Bison APC
  • Japan- Type 16 MCV
  • Japan- Type 74 MBT
  • Japan- Type 87 SPAA
  • Iran- Mobarez MBT
  • USA- M88A2 Hercules
  • USA- AH-1Z Viper
  • USA- UH-1Y Venom
  • USA- A-4 Skyhawk
  • Russia- Su-17/22
  • Russia- Su-27
  • Russia- T-14
  • Russia- SA-22 Greyhound
  • UK- Coyote- 6x6 Jackal
  • UK- Current/Modern Individual Heavy Weapons
  • France- AMX-30 with Roland SAM
  • France- VBMR Griffon
  • Israel- AMX-13/75
  • Israel- Tiran 5 

WWII Armour
  • Germany- Sd. Kfz. 6/3 Diana
  • Germany- Floassacke bridge pack with bridge deck
  • Germany- Sturmbotte Ferry Pack with Flossackes on the sides
  • UK- Sherman Tulip
  • UK- Land Mattress Rocket
  • Canada- CMP with Bofors
  • Canada- CMP 8cwt Chevrolet C8A body 1C7
  • Italy- Fiat 626 truck
  • US- M4 Sherman applique armor, split hatch, no gunners hatch, M34A1 mantlet, with pistol port. Both these were produced in 1943 and many older ones updated to this standard
  • US- M4 Sherman a bulged turret, split hatch, no gunners hatch, and M34A1 mantlet, no pistol port
Modern ships
  • Russia- Admiral Gorshkov- class frigate
  • China- Type 055 Destroyer
  • UK- HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08)
  • Japan- Asagiri- class destroyer
  • USA- LHA-6 America 

WWII Ships
  • UK- HMS Black Swan unmodified
  • Japan- Fuso-class battleship
  • UK- “O” class destroyers with 4.7” guns
  • US- CVE-1 escort carrier 

WWI Ships
  • UK- Laforey class destroyer 2 funnel
  • Italy- Regina Elena class battleship
  • Italy- San Giorgio class cruiser

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