mercredi 5 avril 2017

Sorties Elheim Figures

Il y a beaucoup de choses à découvrir chez Elheim Figures pour la période 1943-2000 en 20mm. La sculpture est fine et précise, les codes variés.
There are many things to discover at Elheim Figures for the period 1943-2000 in 20mm. The sculpture is fine and precise, the codes varied.
NAT11 - 3x Generic Nato FN MAG gunners (GPMG)
OSP15 - Metal detector
IOT15 - Metal Detector
MCA20 -Metal detector
KIT23 - Soviet RD54 pack
SF26 - Modern SF with LMGs
RSF01 - Russian SF in western kit
SSL16 - Late War Waffen SS RTO and Observers
 Last Months releases:
ZLT01 - WW2 German MG team moving in Zeltbahn
SSE02 - 3 SS Riflemen
SSL15 - Mortar man 2
M3605 - WW2 German Army Advancing
M3606 - WW2 German Armg MG34 tripod team firing
CAN07 - Modern Danish Army
CWR26 - Soviet Submarine Commander
MOD01 - modular leg set
P42 - Fascist leader

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