vendredi 31 décembre 2010

Oddzial Osmy

Oddzial Osmy nous propose une pléthore de nouvelles références pour la WW2 et l'ACW au 1/600. A ce rythme, leur gamme s'étend plus vite que je ne pourrai jamais les peindre.
Oddzial Osmy proposes us a plethora of new references for the WW2 and the ACW in 1/600. With this rhythm, their range extends faster than I can never paint them.

WWH-678 Gw-38(t) Grille (15 pcs) - SP heavy infantry gun on Pz-38(t) hull
WWH-679 Sturmpionieren (15 pcs) - German combat engineers
WBR-645 Sherman II (15 pcs) - British M4A1 used in North Africa
WSU-640 T-34-85 (15 pcs) - version armed with 85 mm gun in larger turret
WSU-641 SU-85 (15 pcs) - SP gun and tank-destroyer with 85 mm gun
WUS-615 P-39 Airacobra (8 pcs) - fighter with central mounted engine and tricycle undercarriage, many used by U.S.SR
WUS-616 P-40E (8 pcs) - version with stronger engine and wing-mounted armament
WUS-617 F2A Buffalo (8 pcs) - first U.S. Navy monoplane fighter, used also by British and Finns
WUS-618 F4F Wildcat (8 pcs) - standard U.S. carrier-based fighter during first stage of war on Pacific
WUS-619 Jeep (15 pcs) - famous 4x4 all-terrain car
WUS-620 Dodge WC51 (15 pcs) - 3/4 t light military truck
WUS-621 M8 Greyhound (15 pcs) - 6-wheeled recon armoured car
WUS-622 M2 Half-track (15 pcs) - shorter 'brother' of M3 Half-track, intended to act as artillery tractor
WUS-623 57mm M1 (15 pcs) - U.S. built British 6-pdr AT gun
WUS-624 M7 Priest (15 pcs) - SP 105 mm howitzer
ACW-601 Infantry I (15 pcs) - line infantry - 8 miniatures per stand
ACW-602 Infantry II (15 pcs) - infantry stands with standard bearers, drummers and officers
ACW-603 Skirmishers (15 pcs) - skirmishing infantry - 4 miniatures per stand
ACW-604 Artillery (15 pcs) - smoothbore and rifled guns - 30 guns in total
ACW-605 Artillery crew (15 pcs) - artillery men - 5 miniatures per stand

ACW OfficersACW Infantry

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