vendredi 30 septembre 2011

Le gun pit en 8 leçons

Comment se fabriquer des emplacements d'artillerie en 15mm avec des piques à brochettes?
Franchement, ça a l'air si facile que j'essaierai aux prochaines vacances. Ce petit tutoriel est offert par Model dads.
How to make gun pits in 15mm with  brochettes pikes?
Frankly, that has the so easy sight that I shall try in the next holidays. This short tutoriel is offered by Model dads.

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Braxen a dit…


in September there were 282 different posts.

A side effect of this frequency is that "pousse plomb" always appears on top of my blog roll list for mostly new releases and lets little room for article blogs to reach the top rank.

While I always find something interesting -and I miss a lot of the other news from PB since they are almost replaced at once by one, two, three, five fresh ones!- I will have to give their chance to the other blogs and remove PB from my blog roll list.

I'm writing this to explain a situation about a blog I actually like but that eats to much space on my blog roll list. It is not a case of lack of interest but rather of too often and it has side effects.

very best

Durutti a dit…

Sometimes I think of only an article by day but it's nearly impossible because I never have the two complete hours each days to write PB so I write before Work, after work ...

I hope you'll continue to visit PB.