lundi 23 janvier 2012

Mage, Shérif et Space Marine.

Parmi les neuf nouveautés Reaper de la semaine, il y a une majorité de belles choses comme le shériff, le mage elfe, le doc mais surtout le space marine de Bobby Jackson.
Among the nine new Reaper miniatures of the week, there is a majority of beautiful things like  the sheriff, the mage elf, the doc but especially the Intergalactic Marine of Bobby Jackson.

03591: Lola Darkslip, Female Thief by Patrick Keith ($6.99)
03599: Drake Whiteraven, Young Mage by Bob Ridolfi ($7.99)
14639: Shadowguard, DkRch by Bobby Jackson ($6.99)
50256: Joe Don Mitchell, Sheriff by Gene Van Horne ($5.99)
50257: Dr Thomas Welby by Gene Van Horne ($5.99)
50258: Nurse Anne Foster by Gene Van Horne ($5.99)
50263: Erik Proudfoot, Intergalactic Marine by Bobby Jackson ($5.99)
60101: Kiramor the Forest Shadow by Bobby Jackson ($7.99)
60102: Trinia Sabor by Patrick Keith ($5.99)

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