mercredi 27 février 2013

Eureka au Salute prépare sa venue au Salute et organise les précommandes de ses clients. En prévision, Eureka publie la liste des figurines qui seront mises en vente d'ici le 6 avril.
Eureka prepares its coming to the Salute and organizes the preorders of its customers. In anticipation, Eureka publishes a list of miniatures that will be sold by April 6.

28mm Wars of the French Revolution – Guillotine Set – French Heavy Cavalry (heavy, cuirassier and carabineer) - Russian jaegers – Austrian Grenz
28mm Moderns – Somalis – ZANLA – Alouette II helicopter (G and K Car versions) – Greys Scouts – additional SEAL Team 6
28mm 1920’s Jazz Band
28mm Cartoon-style Seven Years War
18mm AB Waterloo British Cavalry – more British Infantry – Dutch Belgian cavalry, infantry and artillery.
15mm Current Russian and Chechen infantry and support weapons

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