samedi 23 mars 2013

QRF de nouveautés sont disponibles chez QRF en 15mm et pour des guerres très différentes comme la Triple Alliance et les guerres coloniales post45.
Many new references are available in 15mm from QRF and for wars very different as the Triple Alliance and the post'45 colonial wars. 

Artillery for the War of the Triple Alliance
PBI14 Postwar British Forward Observers, beret
WGA04 10.5cm leFH 98/09
WGA03 77mm FK96 n/A x 2
PBI10 - SAS/SBS - mixed equipment
PBI09 Blowpipe and No 2 - Beret
PBI08 2" Mortar and No 2 Radio Operators - Beret
PBI06 Command in Beret
WBS02 Thorneycroft J Type and 13lb Anti Aircraft Gun
Half straight, Damaged - 6"
Half Straight 6"
PBI04 British Infantry with Carl Gustav MAW, beret

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