dimanche 26 janvier 2014

La Seconde chez Perry.

http://www.perry-miniatures.com/oscthumb.php?src=/images/DSCF5701.JPG&w=540&h=303.38181818182&f=jpg&q=95&hash=2be7e1f3f15dc34a4d67a28005ff0b8dPlusieurs nouvelles références ww2 sont disponibles chez les Perry, en 28 mm dont un Bison Blitzkrieg.
Many new ww2 references are available at the Perry brothers, in 28 mm among which a Blitzkrieg Bison.

BM 22 Sig33 B
GWW 11 MG34 on tripod and crew
GWW 10 81mm mortar and crew
GWW 9 Pak 36 and three crew
GWW 8 Kubelwagen in recce role
WW 16 2pdr Anti-tank gun
WW 15 Willys jeep with officer and driver
WW 14 Infanry skirmishing, BD trousers
WW 13 Infantry charging, BD trousers


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