mardi 29 avril 2014

La guerre d'Indépendance Blue Moon nouveaux sets en 15/18 mm pour la guerre d'indépendance Américaine sont en vente chez Blue Moon Manufacturing dont des troupes Françaises.
Several new sets in 15/18 mm for the American war of independence are available from Blue Moon Manufacturing including some French troops.
15AMR-52 French Infantry Command 
15AMR-53 French Infantry Fusiliers
15AMR-54 French Infantry Elite Company 

15AMR-56 French Artillerists in Fatigue Uniforms
15AMR-57 Lauzun's Legion Hussar with Lance and Command
15AMR-61 Saratoga British Infantry Command
15AMR-62 Saratoga British Infantry Marching
15AMR-63 Saratoga British Infantry Firing Line 
15AMR-64 Saratoga British Artillerists.

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