jeudi 21 août 2014

Oddzial Osmy, la Chine arrive. les nouveautés chez Oddzial Osmy, vous trouverez une nouvelle gamme concernant l'armée Chinoise "moderne" et plein d'autres trucs en 15 mm et au 1/600.
Among the new references at Oddzial Osmy, you will find a new range about the   Chinese "modern" army more other stuff in 15mm and 1/600.

CH-601 Type 69 MBT (15 pcs) - Chinese "clone" of T-55
CH-602 Type 63 APC (15 pcs) - tracked APC
CH-603 Type 83 SPH (15 pcs) - self-propelled 152mm howitzer

WUS-646 F-6F Hellcat (8 pcs) - famous US Navy deck fighter
WUS-647 TBF Avenger (8 pcs) - carrier based torpedo bomber
WUS-648 Pack Howitzer M1A1 (15 pcs) - portable 75mm howitzer

GW-610 French infantry (late) I (15 pcs) - rifle armed infantry in helmets and greatcoats
GW-611 French infantry (late) II (15 pcs) - machine guns and command

PSF-620    Centaurus GEV (15 pcs) - fast, armed hovercraft
PSF-621    Xenos I (15 pcs) - alien creatures
PSF-622    Xenos II (15 pcs) - alien creatures

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