mercredi 13 décembre 2017


GL Miniature Design a lancé une campagne Kiki pour financer une gamme de lumières pour figurines. Deux tailles de batteries sot disponibles puis il y a un fil optique très fin et enfin une led fixée par un petit aimant.
Il reste seize jours avant la clôture de cette campagne.
GL Miniature Design has launched a Kiki campaign to fund a range of miniature lights. Two sizes of batteries are available then there is a very fine optical wire and finally a led fixed by a small magnet.
There are sixteen days left before the end of this campaign.

  • Magnetic control – switch on and off without touching the miniature
  • Easy to hide – 0.2 mm wiring laid either inside or on the miniature 
  • Switchable effects – fixed, pulsating or flickering chosen by magnet
  • Convenient – easy to use and install 
  • Small circuit – 21*2.4 mm fits in regular 28 mm miniature bases 
  • Small led's – 0.6 mm fits in a drill hole 
  • Battery operated – using a CR1216 clock battery 
  • Long stand-by time – over a year 
  • Flexible – 2 led's per circuit 
  • Any colour – paint or cover the light thinly in any colour 

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