mercredi 26 septembre 2018

Déferlante de sorties chez Eureka

C'est déjà Noël chez Eureka avec des cultistes pulp, des habitants d'Innsmouth, des troupes fantasy en 10mm ainsi que de nouvelles créatures du chaos et des personnages fantasy en 28.
It's already Christmas at Eureka with pulp cultists, residents of Innsmouth, fantasy troops in 10mm as well as some new creatures of chaos and fantasy characters in 28mm.

28mm Movie Monsters
100MMR17 Fishmen with Harpoons (6)
100MMR18 Fishmen with Rifles (6)
100MMR19 Fishmen leader with victim (1)
100MMR20 Fishmen Siren (1)
100MMR21 Fishmen Elder cradling infant (1)
100MMR22 Sprue of six Fishman heads (1)
100MMR23 Sprue of six ACW Fishman heads (1)

28mm Cultists
100CUL01 Generic robed follower/monks (8)
100CUL01a Generic robed follower/monk with assorted accoutrements (2)
100CUL02 Acolytes of Horus (2)
100CUL02a Acolytes of Horus with assorted accoutrements (1)
100CUL03 Acolytes of Anubis (2)
100CUL03a Acolytes of Anubis with assorted accoutrements (3)
100CUL04a Acolyte of Moloch with assorted accoutrements (1)
100CUL05a Acolytes of ? – add your own head and assorted accoutrements (1)

28mm Chaos
100KAS026 Otto the Beligerant
100KAS027 Flukey Sue
100KAS028 Flappable Ned
100KAS029 Lucinda the Lune
100KASC09 Hog the Unfathomable and Wreckless Eric

28mm Fantasy Characters
100FAN06 Barbarian Fighter (1)
100FAN07 Barbarian archer (1)
100FAN08 Halfling (1)
100FAN09 Dwarf fighter (1)
100FAN10 Mage (1)
100FAN11 Party of the above – 5 figs

10mm Fantasy
400FAN054 Ophidian Slithery – 12 figs and mounts
400FAN055 Ophidian Fluttery – 6 figs and mounts
400FAN056 Ophidian armoured beast

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