vendredi 27 mars 2020

Previews Otherworld

Malgré le virus, Otherworld Miniatures va bientôt sortir plusieurs figurines en 28mm comme ce cube de gelée ou une jolie gorgone.
Despite the virus, Otherworld Miniatures will soon release several 28mm miniatures such as this jelly cube or the pretty gorgon.
  • DD4 – Type IV Demon, sculpted by Drew Williams
  • DD5 – Type V Demon, by Paul Muller
  • DM7h – Green Slime II, PM 
  • NP40 – Farmer, DW
  • NP41 – Farmer’s Wife, DW
  • NP43 – Sheep, DW
  • FA14 – Magic User with Wand & Torch, DW
  • FA15 – Fighter in Platemail with Longbow, DW
  • FS16a – Statue on Pedestal, DW
  • FS16b – Magical Sundial and Mask (not pictured), DW

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