dimanche 23 janvier 2011

Nouvelle gamme Khurasan

La nouvelle gamme Khurasan sera historique et concernera les troupes circassiennes du XVII et XVIII iéme siècle en 15mm.
La gamme comportera les incontournables troupes à cheval et les suivants à pieds. Cette gamme couvrira tous les peuples caucasiens de la période en visant "Clash of Empire" pour FOG.
The new range Khurasan will be historic and will concern the Circassian troops of XVII and XVIII iéme century in 15mm.
The range will contain inescapable troops on horseback and the following ones in feet. This range will cover all the Caucasian peoples of period by aiming " Clash of Empire " for FOG.


  • Armored horse using pistols (these and all the other mounted will be breakwaist for maximum pose variation... and so they can point their bows and pistols forward!)
  • Armored horse using bows
  • Unarmored horse using pistols
  • Unarmored horse using bows
  • Command, including trick-riding character models
  • Nogai Horde nomad light cavalry horse archers
Caucasian Infantry with Turkish MusketsINFANTRY
  • Abghazian/Daghestani skirmishers with Turkish muskets
  • Abghazian/Daghestani infantry with swords, some with shields
  • Abghazian/Daghestani infantry with javelins, some with shields 
Caucasian Armoured Nobles with PistolsUne info TMP.

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