lundi 21 mars 2011

Japonais en 3mm.

La nouvelle gamme japonaise WW2 en 3mm est disponible chez Oddzial Osmy au même titre que deux références ACW , 2 modernes et quelques WW2 diverses.
The new japanese WW2 range in 3mm is available at Oddzial Osmy like two references for the ACW , two moderns ones and some ww2.

SA-684 BTR-80 eight-wheeled APC
MN-617 AIFV with 25mm automatic gun


WBR-647 Bishop
WBR-652 Churchill III
WBR-653 Cromwell

WSU-644 ISU-122

WJA-600 Japanese infantry I
WJA-601 Japanese infantry II, support weapons
WJA-602 Type 95 Ha-Go light tank
WJA-603 Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank
WJA-604 A6M2 Zero fighter
WJA-605 B5N2 Kate torpedo bomber
WJA-606 D3A1 Val dive-bomber

American Civil War
ACW-610 Horse teams
ACW-611 Limbers and caissons

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