samedi 31 mars 2012

Talibans et lapinoux. chaque année, Euréka profite du Salute pour mettre en vente de nouvelles références pour plusieurs gamme. Cette fois-ci ça va des lapins samouraïs aux talibans.
As every year, Euréka takes advantage of Salute to put on sale new references for some range. This time that goes rabbits samurais to the Talibans.

Modern Wars: 1970s Portuguese for Africa
100MOD200 1970s Portuguese (Africa) infantry, with G-3 (4)
100MOD201 1970s Portuguese (Africa) infantry, with HK-21 squad machine gun (1)
100MOD202 1970s Portuguese (Africa) infantry, with 37mm lanca-foguete bazooka (1)
100MOD203 1970s Portuguese (Africa) infantry signaller, with radio and G-3 (1)

Modern Wars: Afghan Guerrilla heavy weapon and casualties
100MOD79 SPG-9 73mm Recoilless Rifle with three Afghan Guerrilla crew - set
100MOD80 Afghan Guerrilla casualties - two figure set wars: Vehicle crew
100MOD170 US Navy SEAL Interim Fast attack Vehicle (IFVA) crew - 3 figure set with weapons

Napoleonic Vignette sets
100NAP Cantiniere and wagon, with victuals
100NAP Field Bakery
100NAP Wheelwright, Sword Sharpeners… and The Duellists

 Pond Wars: Samurai Rabbits
100FRG50 Rabbit Ashigaru, with naginata (4)
100FRG51 Rabbit Samurai, with katana (4)
100FRG52 Rabbit Samurai in helmet, back banner, with katana (4)
100FRG70 Rabbit Ronin, in helmet, back banner, with katana (4)

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