lundi 29 octobre 2012

Goblins et Elfes noirs rééditions Demonworld du jours concernent les goblins et leur artillerie, troupes volantes, mutants et insectes ainsi que les Elfes Noirs et leurs dragons.
Recasts of the day for Demonworld concern goblins with their artillery, flying troops,   insects and mutants as well as the Dark Elves dragons. 
4707 Goblin Mutants (32)
4709 Goblin Young Disciples (40)
4710 Trollbins (20)
4712 Goblin Termicatus Riders (8)
4713 Goblin Beetle Flyers (8)
4714 Goblin Mosquito Riders (8)
4723 Small Goblin Catapult with crew
4724 Large Goblin Catapult
4810 Dark Elf Gor’Dragon
4822 Dark Elf Gor’Daris Dragon

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