jeudi 25 avril 2013

De Moscou à Washington. frères Perry proposent deux sortent de nouvelles figurines.
D'une part nous avons l'Armée Alliée lors de la retraite de Russie en 1812 et de l'autre des unités pour l'armée Britannique de la guerre d'indépendance dont le régiment Éthiopien constitués d'anciens esclaves.
The Perry brothers propose two new styles of miniatures for release.  
On one hand we have the Allied army during the retreat from Russia in 1812 and on the other hand units for the British army during the war of independence among which the Ethiopian regiment composed of former slaves.

1812 :
FN 171 Infantry skirmishing ( includes Portuguese Legion and Wuttembergers)

FN 172 French Infantry marching 1

FN 173 French Infantry marching 2
FN 174 Dismounted cavalry marching

FN 175 Stragglers, Retreat from Moscow

1776 :
AW 176 Camp set (these could be used for either side)
AW 177 Ethiopian Regiment command

AW 178 Ethiopian Regiment , two musket armed men, two boarding pikes and two with cutlasses.
AW 179 British Light Infantry attacking

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