samedi 25 mai 2013

Brancardiers nains

White Knight's Miniature Imperium présente son équipe de brancardiers nains en 28mm qui peut aussi approvisionner des pièces d'artillerie. On trouve aussi des goblins et les fameux chevaliers nains.
White Knight's Miniature Imperium presents a team of dwarven stretchers in 28mm. They can also supply the artillery guns. You will also find goblins and the famous dwarven knights.

 For the dwarfs:

* WKD-24: Dwarf Imperial Knight/Knights of the White Boar Command on Armoured Ponies (2) (by John Pickford)
* WKD-25: Dwarf Imperial Knights on Armoured Ponies (4) (by John Pickford)
* WKB-02: Armoured ponies (4) (by John Pickford)

* WKD-70: Dwarf Stretcher Party (3) (converted by WK)
* WKD-71: Dwarf Ammo Team/Petard Team (2) (converted by WK)
* WKD-72: Wounded Dwarf  (1) (converted by WK)
* WKD-73: Dwarf Guard with Halberd/Spear (1) (converted by WK)
* WKDH-20: Dwarf Heads (sallets) (8) (converted by WK)
* WKDH-21: Dwarf Heads (9) (converted by WK)
For the goblins:
WKG-20: Goblin Artillery Crew (5) (by Kev Adams)
* WKH-20: Halfling Artillery Crew Conversion Kit (5) (by Kev Adams)

For the Hors Série range:
* WKHS-06: Female Half-Orc Warrior (sculpted by Mark Evans) - £3

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