vendredi 29 novembre 2013

50 nouveautés Midlam

Midlam Miniatures met en vente une cinquantaine de "nouvelles" figurines de toutes sortes en attendant la centaine prévue pour 2014.
=== Miniatures sells fifty "new" miniatures of all kinds until the hundred ones in 2014.

New ranges :
Townsfolk and Villagers
Bards and Musicians
New miniatures for existing ranges:
Beastman Standard
Arabian Mage with Tome
Arabian Warrior
Portly Fighter
Wounded Adventurer
Adventuer with Staff

2 commentaires:

steam flunky a dit…

Most of these are re-releases of the old Hobby Products Miniatures. Some nice figures in the range.

Durutti a dit…

Thanks for this information, I'll post in next time.