lundi 25 novembre 2013

Nouvelles Reaper

Comme prévu, Reaper met en vente sept nouvelles figurines en 28 mm avec des belles choses comme le Barrow Warden Lord ou la barbare.
As expected, Reaper sells seven new miniatures in 28 mm with beautiful things like the Barrow Warden Lord or the female barbarian.

03652: Deenah, Female Barbarian by Patrick Keith ($7.29)
03653: Barrow Warden Lord by Julie Guthrie ($6.99)
03654: Esmeria, Half Elf Monk by Derek Schubert ($5.99)
03655: Iron Cobra by Andrew Pieper ($5.99)
03656: Witch of the Dark Moors by Julie Guthrie ($6.79) 
60155: Genie Binder by Tim Prow ($7.49)
60156: Graveknight by Tim Prow ($6.99)

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